Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break Organizing Day 1

Yes, technically today is day 2 of Spring Break but yesterday I had to menu plan and you know how important that is!

My goal at the beginning of the year was to try and post weekly on organization. Since the organizational blog I like OrgJunkie was hosting her 52 weeks of organizing I figured I would participate. But life is never that simple and waaay too many Fridays have come and gone without my posts (specifically 15 Fridays!). So, I decided I would do a little organizing this week while the kids were home. Seems odd but somehow I seem more motivated to work while they're here plus I can't come and go as easily since any errand requires me to take all 5 kids with me so I find myself home more.

Anyway, here's what I did today:

Before - honestly I was surprised it had gotten to this point - it was organized then life happened and it wasn't anymore but a little bit of clothes shopping (with sales and coupons of course) got me in the mood to clean out all the stuff I no longer loved in my closet.

And after:

I have to say I found a LOT of stuff I didn't love - over 35 pieces of clothing! That's a lot of tops and bottoms that I just didn't feel I could wear any longer and I'm excited for them to find new homes :)

Interestingly enough week #15 in OrgJunkie's 52 weeks was closet organizing - I swear I had NO idea!

Looking forward to tackling another space tomorrow...


  1. Wow! I wish I could find 35 pieces of clothing in my closet that I didn't love. I don't enjoy shopping so my wardrobe is dwindling down as my clothes wear out. If I wasn't getting desperate for more clothes, I would avoid shopping altogether. The funny thing is God gave me a daughter that LOVES to shop and has since she was young. She gets so excited when I find something for myself. lol

    Your closet looks really good, btw.


  2. Thanks Elisabeth! I love one store: New York & Company - great sales, great coupons, great clothes - perfect store for me so I go on sprees every few months to pick up new clothes :)

    Clearly, though I need to purge a little more often!