Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Food Expiration Dates

I swear the articles on Yahoo! get me a lot. I know they're designed to get me to read them and well, they work. I see the title and I just have to know who rejected the show Dancing With The Stars. I have no idea why - I don't even watch the show - but I see the title and I need to know. Maybe it's just me.

But today I came across an article that I thought would be helpful for those of us trying to save money. Since a lot of us buy in bulk there's always that chance that some of the items we buy may expire.

I buy as much kid's yogurt as I can when it's on sale because we go through it so fast. It's rare that we reach the expiration date but on occasion we come close. And then I hold it up and stare at it and wonder if I should still feed it to my kids and then wonder if I'm a horrible mother for giving them food past the expiration day.

Turns out I'm not a horrible mother. At least where food is concerned - the rest will be decided by my kids when they're older :)

According to the author, Ann Pietrangelo yogurt can be eaten for up to 7 to 10 days past the expiration date. Yea! That buys me another week and in my financial notebook that's a big deal.

So, before you throw food in the garbage or down the drain check out this ARTICLE and maybe you'll save yourself a few bucks!

And as we already know, every buck counts :)

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