Thursday, September 16, 2010

Super Double Trip #2

I don't intend to bore you with each and every purchase I make but I wanted to show you the large variety of items that you can buy with coupons. Before I started couponing I wondered if when I started I would have a pantry full of random, obscure food that was free but we wouldn't eat. Even today, the biggest objection I get to couponing is that they never find coupons for what their kids eat or what their family eats. In rare cases I know that's true - if your family only eats veggies and meats then it's a possibility (though even then I've seen coupons for both things) but for the most part if you coupon you will find a large enough variety for just about any diet.

Here's what I picked up today:

I spent: $34.19
And saved: $82.47
And earned: $1.00 back in Catalinas

As you can see I got a number of different items than I did yesterday. Today I stocked up on yogurt and cat food (yes, the fun stuff!)

For a 2nd time I did the General Mills promotion - mixing coupons with $0.30 off each item when I bought 20. I don't think anything was free this time but things like the kids yogurt was cheap enough to stock up on ($0.95/each after coupons and discounts).

Once again I encourage you when you don't think couponing is for you is to give it a try - you never know what deals you may find!

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