Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Kellogg's Deal

Seems like the time of year for Kellogg's to have another great deal. I'll admit I like last year's better but that's only because it was FREE movie tickets and since I love the movies and I love FREE - well, it only stands to reason that I'd love that. Because of Kellogg's I was able to take my family of 7 to see Tangled in the theaters in 3D for just about $30!! Without coupons that same trip would have been $80!!

As a triplet mom I have to multiply everything times 3 - add 2 more kids and it's times 5 - as you can imagine expenses add up very quickly - thus the reason I am constantly searching out deals.

But I'm still excited about this year's deal :)

Once again you can find Kellogg's codes on Kellogg's products such as cereal and eggo waffles.

Create an account at

Enter your codes: the limit is 8 codes per day and 30 codes maximum for the program per person.

And then redeem for prizes. There are 6 prizes to choose but my favorite are the $5 gas card and the $5 concession cash both for just 4 points. I've already earned one reward by buying 4 boxes of Kellogg's cereals (for the price of 2 of course!) - I didn't mind spending $8 on 4 boxes when I knew I would be getting $5 of it back.

Also, if you sign up you may just get a free code in your e-mail to get you started if you haven't already.

So excited for another Kellogg's deal!

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