Friday, October 1, 2010


In years past we would buy DVD's at full price the moment they came out. Today that just isn't in our budget. But I don't want to cut movies out completely. We love to go to the movies, we love to watch movies as a couple and we love to have "family movie night" with the kids. We've done Redbox plenty and at other times we've done Blockbuster but I prefer to own movies so that we can watch them again and again as well as share them with friends.

So whenever CVS comes out with a movie deal I'm all over it!

Last night I picked up the brand new Iron Man 2 DVD for just $5.00 and since $5.00 is the cost of a rental at Blockbuster and sometimes at Redbox when you've just forgotten about it for too long I think that's a pretty good deal :)

When you spend $25 on certain P&G products you qualify for $15 off the Iron Man 2 DVD in stores this past Tuesday.

I ended up spending $20 on products after coupons and then $5.00 for the DVD. A number of the coupons I used expired yesterday but I encourage you to check out the ad HERE and see what you can pick up to get your DVD cheaper. I have already seen next week's ad (and if CVS has your e-mail you have too) so I know that next week you will be able to purchase a whole other set of products and get $10 off Iron Man 2.

On another note if you don't know already - you can earn a $110 P&G coupon booklet after spending $50 on P&G products between September and December. After yesterday's purchase I'm halfway there and this coming week you can earn $10 in ECB's after purchasing $25 in select P&G products which would be all I need to qualify for the booklet - not bad for picking up items I need.

I've seen the mail-in form in my Sunday paper P&G inserts but you can also go to Southern Savers for a link to the form as well as to find what else is in the booklet.

Just another way to stretch your dollar on things other than groceries!

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