Friday, February 11, 2011

Organization 2011: Week Six

Although I didn't end up doing much organizing until this evening I still feel pretty good about my progress. I have been meaning to do the dining room buffet and I really need to get started on the kids toys and clothes before all the consignment sales next month but I seem to keep ending up in the kitchen!

Fortunately my kitchen cabinets need a ton of organizing :)

A few weeks ago I hosted a Pampered Chef party and got quite a good number of new kitchen utensils and pans free (a great way to stock your kitchen for cheap is to host a show - especially in January when you get extra things free :) My kitchen is full of great Pampered Chef tools that I have paid very little for and they are items I use every day!).

I started with a single cabinet:


After (it's dark I know but I did get rid of a number of glass pans that I haven't used in ages):

And ended up organizing all my drawers. Getting organized can be contagious :) I threw away a number of very old measuring cups and sorted all of my kitchen gadgets and utensils. While it wasn't what I intended to organize I'm very excited about the prospect of a cleaner and more organized kitchen!

Here's to hoping I get on an even better track next week :)

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