Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cheap Weekend Fun

While I can't say I was very frugal while on vacation the one thing we did do cheaply was go to the movies. With all my free movie tickets Kirk and I were able to take Kaitlyn and Caleb to the movies and only pay for the popcorn. This was a huge treat for us since I normally bypass the popcorn due to cost but since we got in free we were able to splurge a little at the concession stand.

How did I do it?

The easiest way was by buying and eating cereal! And since I don't pay much for cereal it was even cheaper - I think the most I paid for a box was $2.50 and that was because I didn't have all my coupons in Florida.

Head over to for more details and be sure to check your cereal aisle for specially marked boxes of cereal - you need 2 boxes to redeem for one ticket valued up to $12.00.

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