Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Pantry

Curious what my pantry looks like? After all I've been stock piling all year. Of course, I do eat so I do use what I buy otherwise why would I buy it? And I do donate excess whenever I can.

However, my pantry generally stays pretty full especially after a big shopping week like this Sunday.

Unfortunately I do not have a walk-in pantry - bummer right? But, I do have a two-sided pantry with sliding doors and I use two cabinets under my island for food as well.

Left side: cereal and snacks

Right side: spices and baking needs

Under the island cabinets:

Left side: dressings, potatos, rice, coffee - this is more of a catch all

Right side: soups, can goods and pasta sauce

Sorry if you only read half of this post to begin with - I think one of my girls published it for me when I wasn't looking :)

And if you're wondering I'm not always this organized! The rest of my home is overrun with toys. What I have control over is generally organized to a tee but if the kids comes any where near it then my methods are destroyed so until I live in a kid-free city I'll be a wreck in every other area :) But I've decided not to worry about it too much till next year!


  1. You are disgustingly organized. ;)

  2. Wow what organization! I just found your blog and hope to learn more about living frugally!