Monday, July 19, 2010

Feels Like I'm Treading Water

I have been meaning to post for a while and yet one thing after another comes up. Last week was the consignment sale I volunteer for (the summer before-school sale) and I was able to get most of Kaitlyn's school and winter wardrobe for around $50. Yes, seriously.

I spent $122 in total and got quite the car load of things. Since I am a paid volunteer that total is after my $72 pay. Because I shopped twice I didn't get a picture of everything and I won't bore you with a list but I promise it was quite a bit.

The big reason I was able to keep my total low was because I shopped the 50% off day and because I am a volunteer I was able to shop first I got a number of great deals including a uniform sweater for Kaitlyn from Gap for $1.50 and long-sleeved tees for her for $0.75 to $1.50 and jeans that she loved (that I had picked out at full price but decided to put back) for $3.00. She's happy with what we picked out together and I'm thrilled about the price.

Just another reason to volunteer - that would be my #1 tip for saving money on kids items - volunteer at consignment sales! #2 would be shop consignment sales but I'm convinced that just shopping isn't enough. Do whatever you can to put in the little bit of extra time to see everything first. It really does pay off.

As for grocery shopping I'm still going - picking up deals here and there. I haven't done any massive grocery shopping mostly due to time - last week was the consignment sale AND our church's VBS AND Kaitlyn's birthday party so you can see why I wasn't around to post.

I do hope to get back to regular posting but our summer is so much crazier than the school year and since I am back to "work" - meaning I now have my 5 kids at home plus 2 more - life is anything but dull.

Just want to add a quick Happy 10th Birthday to my oldest daughter, Kaitlyn. Hard to believe we've reached double digits...

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