Saturday, July 31, 2010

Month End Money Recap: July

Oh man, I can't even believe it's that time of the month again. No, not that time - the other time :) Sorry, couldn't resist. Anyway, another month has gone by meaning 2010 is more than halfway through. Sooo crazy!

I have to admit (again) that summer is a hard time for us. I think I plan for it but every year I realize that I'm not as prepared as I thought. Kind of like Christmas. I'm hoping August is better but not really counting on it.

But I'll go over my goals again anyway :)

1. Spend $100 or less on groceries per week. I confess I have no idea. It's sad. I'm sorry. I have no idea how much I spent on groceries this month - partly due to the trip home at the beginning of the month and partly because we had company for a whole week - I got off track. But just because I got de-railed this past month doesn't mean I'm done for good. I'll jump right back on in August all the while knowing September will be easier when the kids go back to school :) But I'm going to do my best! We only have one trip this month and I already have extra money set aside for that so hopefully it won't interfere with my general budget.

2. Pay down debt and not acrue new debt. Didn't make a huge effort to pay stuff off but at least we didn't add anything new :)

3. Budget, budget, budget. Aagh! Working on it. Weird month. Some of Kirk's pay got messed up - twice - so we're working around that. Such a pain...

4. Make a price point book. Okay, still trying. Maybe, just maybe it will get done this year.

5. Get rid of stuff. I donated a box of clothes that I was supposed to have donated last month. This is a big thing to work on in August as we move closer to the fall consignment sales.

6. Organize. Nope, didn't happen this month - same as #5 I'll be working on it in August.

7. Make extra money. This month we sold the playground that was supposed to have been sold last month - details - so that was $120. This month was the consignment sale and while I didn't sell anything and make money that way by working the sale I earned $72 (all of which went to clothes there but hey, it was like free clothes!)

8. Still buying good kids clothes. Most of them I bought at the consignment sale for cheaper which was great but I also redeemed some Gymbucks and got my oldest a few little things.

Another fun thing I did this month was make Kaitlyn's 10th birthday cake as well as a cake for another friend. It was a great way to save money on her party and have a fun cake. I'll post about those later but I had a lot of fun making cakes this month :)

How are your yearly goes going? Now that we're halfway through the year have you stuck with your goals? Made new ones? I had a loose goal of doing new things every month. This past month was making cakes - in August I'm hoping to cook some new things - should be fun!

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