Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Diapers At CVS

I try and try to say the cheapest way to get diapers is to shop CVS. Seems odd and it takes a while before people believe me but once I show them my receipts they are shocked that diapers can be this cheap :)

Here's what I picked up over the last 2 trips to CVS (not pictured - pack of Pampers wipes):

I spent: $23.40
And saved: $35.49 (using $8.00 in ECB's from last week)
And earned: $24.99 in Extra Care Bucks ($10 of which I have to use next week)

For barely the price of one box of diapers I was able to get 2 boxes plus pads plus wipes and earn $10 more dollars back.

Diaper coupons can be found at PG 7/4; PG 6/6 and RP 6/20
Printable Kotex coupon can be found by going to Southern Savers

On a side note be sure and double check your CVS receipts - I was able to use an extra $4.00 off coupon buy adding wipes to my order - making the wipes free and getting me more money off my diapers. The wipes I passed along to my neice who has been visiting for the last week and is the reason I haven't been posting much :)


  1. I did the diaper deal last night (and got some ECB's for soap too!), but only got one box! Is it for two? I'll have to go back!! One day I'll do as good as you do!

  2. Yep - if you check your receipt it won't say limit reached so you can go back for another box!! Use your $10 ECB's to get another box and get $10 more ECB's in return - can't beat it :)