Sunday, July 17, 2011

What A Consignment Sale

I certainly meant to do this post days ago. I also meant to finish reorganizing the dining room, post about the living room re-do and maybe a recipe or two. Instead, all I have to share before another crazy week is the spoils of last week's craziness.

After working 24 hours last week and shopping twice - here's what I picked up:

Included in the photo: my 5 highly impatient children, one toting his new guitar. Oh yes, I'm in trouble but not financially - it was only $5!

The best part? Because of all my work, the loot above cost me just over $38. Sweet :) But of course it's not all I spent. I went back on half price day and spent another $65. The kids got in on that one too picking out some little things for themselves. I spent most of that on books and clothes for Kaitlyn - that and not passing up on a princess vanity mirror for $11 :) Big spender here!!

I'm certainly glad to have last week behind me but my photo is more proof of how consignment sales are quite worth it and can save you a LOT of money. For example: those panda PJ's on top of my pile were just $2 - they are in excellent condition and contain 3 pieces - pants, top and shorts - can't beat that.

My next consignment step: tag all the fall clothes I have hanging up for our moms of multiples sale in the fall. Now that I brought new things in I have to get some other things out :)

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