Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making A Few Extra Dollars

I wouldn't say that I'm raking in the cash but I am always on the look out for ways to make a few extra dollars or save a few extra dollars. And even though it's July I'm already thinking about ways to save for Christmas. I know every year my list seems longer (this year I get to add a new neice to the list! Soo excited about that).

Some of these are strategies I've mentioned before and some are new.

My favorite of all: Swagbucks

This one I've mentioned a few times but I want to say it again because I feel like people are signing up and not doing it! I'm often asked how to make money using Swagbucks and while searching is the most simple answer there are a few other things I do.

I search every day. For the most part it's something I'm going to do anyway but sometimes I do search for things I already know the address to just to see if I can earn a few more bucks :)

I answer the daily poll every day. It's only 1 Swagbuck but 1 adds up to 30 a month and 365 a year so it's worth my few seconds of time.

I check out the trusted surveys every day. This also earns me one Swagbuck but it's also to see if there's a survey that I might qualify for. For the most part I don't click on the survey unless it's a short amount of time and I have an 80 or 90% chance of qualifying. Otherwise it seems to be a waste and I don't make the cut.

I print almost all of my coupons from Swagbucks. Since I get 10 Swagbucks for every redeemed coupon it adds up quickly. And since they were coupons I would print and use anyway why not get paid to do it?

I scan the front page often to see if there are other small ways to earn more Swagbucks - lately they have had ads in the form of videos that you can watch and earn Swagbucks. Simple thing that doesn't take me much time at all.

I check out the Daily Deals on a semi-regular basis. I'm not a huge fan of paying out money to earn Swagbucks but there are times when the deal is so good that it's worth it and earning extra Swagbucks is a bonus.

Referrals! I love Swagbucks and I love it even more when I see other people figuring out how to use it and earning for themselves. If someone signs up under you then you will earn Swagbucks from that person (by searching alone - other ways are not passed on) up to 1000 Swagbucks. Please note - the link above is my referral code and I would earn Swagbucks from you when you searched - I would add that while I do enjoy the extra Swagbucks from referrals the little I earn isn't enough to have me lie to you about the huge help that Swagbucks is to my budget!


This is one I haven't mentioned before but earning through Recyclebank is really easy. While it does take a lot of points to earn a gift card it doesn't take much to earn some pretty cool coupons such as:

$10 off $50 at Harris Teeter
$10 off $30 at Bed, Bath and Beyond

as well as coupons to restaurants and other places. Answer a few questions or enter points from Ziploc boxes and you are on your way to some rewards that will save you some serious money!


This would be the one I use the least often since believe it or not I don't shop online that often. I buy more groceries than anything else and only order a few clothing items online. However, when I do order online Ebates is the best way to earn a little extra cash back and it's super simple to do. Before you shop anywhere online log on to Ebates and search wherever you wish to shop. Then click "Shop Now" and that's it. Your purchases will be recorded and within a day or so you'll have a percentage of your total in your account. You can still use coupon codes at whatever site you are shopping at so it's just an additional win all around!

If you sign up now there is a $10 gift card bonus as if you needed another reason to sign up!

Of course all these sites work on referrals so if you click any of the above links they are my own referral links but again I'm sharing the information because I enjoy passing on how I save and make money.

For other ideas check out Moneywise Moms - I know I enjoy reading her posts on how she makes and saves money too :)

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