Monday, August 1, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: New Month

I'm not starting August off very well. I don't have a monthly meal plan! I just haven't sat down and planned out a full month of meals like I usually do. It's probably because my month actually ends on the 19th and not the 30th/31st because of the way we've started doing our bills so even though today is the 1st I'm already halfway through my month. Because of that I'm trying to spend as little as possible and one way I do that is to use what I have on hand and add as little as possible.

With the meals I planned out for this week I was able to do just that making my needs list about 6 items long most of which was produce: potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers. These are items that I can't purchase long in advance anyway so I feel pretty good that for the most part my list consisted of a can of refried beans for Tuesday's meal :)

Here's what I'm making with pretty much what I had on hand:

Monday: Chicken Parmesan

Tuesday: Beef and Bean Taco Casserole - this is quickly becoming a family favorite!

Wednesday: Mini Meatloaves with mashed potatoes and green beans

Thursday: Moms of Multiples meeting - dad and kids will have homemade Chinese

Friday: Shepherd's Pie using the remainder of the mashed potatoes from Wednesday - it's often a pain to make homemade mashed potatoes but the payoff is huge when I make a second meal with them making this a very simple family meal

Saturday: Mac Chicken Caciatore

Sunday: Ravioli Lasagna Recipe

This week was pretty easy - the hard part will be planning for the last two weeks of my month when the funds are low. I know it will be time for some creativity on my part!

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