Monday, August 8, 2011

Menu Planning: Still Stretching That Dollar

With just $75 left in my grocery budget for the next 11 days (I'd be freaking out more if Wednesday wasn't the start of Super Doubles at Harris Teeter) I have been doing a lot to use what I have on meals rather than buy anything new. Of course, next week will be a different story but I think if I plan carefully enough I'll be just fine :) And, hey, we can have spaghetti once a month right?

Thanks to a few leftover nights I still have some planned meals from weeks past for this week - I'd say leftovers are another great way to stretch my dollar.

Monday: Mac Chicken Cacciatore

Tuesday: Cheeseburgers with corn and beans - we are having guests and Kirk is grilling - easy night for me!

Wednesday: Chicken Taco Bake - this I already have frozen so all I have to do is thaw and bake! Soo easy and cheap.

Thursday: Velveeta Baked Spaghetti Squares - this is a meatless dish that is very easy to make if I already have Velveeta on hand (which I do) - since all the other ingredients are cheap throwing this together is a breeze and this is so tasty - one of my favorite meals!

Friday: Easy Chicken and Biscuits - since I have chicken in the freezer and some Campbell's soup in the pantry I found a recipe that would put the two together :) Reading the recipes on the packages of the products you have is a great way to pick up new recipes and use what I've already purchased

Saturday: Sasuage Hoagies - this is my only real purchase this week - I'll need to pick up a pound of sausage and the hoagie rolls but I with that and some green peppers I can make a great meal that we all enjoy

Sunday: Chicken and Brocoli Alfredo - I may use this recipe or make up my own since I already have Alfredo sauce but either way I already have all the ingredients and I'll just use the remainder of the frozen chicken that I will thaw out and cook for Friday.

Now I just have a few more days to plan for before my budget resets :) Man, I am SO ready for the 19th of August!!

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