Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Kellogg's and Free Milk Deal

I really enjoyed the deal Harris Teeter did with Kellogg's and free milk back in March and so I am excited to hear that Giant is running pretty much the same deal this week until Thursday.

Here is what I picked up in 3 transactions:

I spent: $24.63 on everything which is just okay for 12 boxes of cereal and 2 gallons of milk - that averages out to around $1.75/each - a little high for cereal but great for milk :) Plus I have a coupon for another free gallon of milk.

At Giant the deal is:

- get $6.00 off automatically when you purchase 4 boxes of select Kellogg's Cereal (I have to say it seemed to be all of the Kellogg's cereal)
- get a Catalina (coupon printed at the register) for $4.00 towards a gallon of milk - sadly a Giant brand gallon of milk is $3.99 - OUCH!!
- use Kellogg's coupons you have on hand - I had some from inside other boxes of Kellogg's cereal (these are my favorite because it's usually $1.00/2 instead of a $1.00/3 from RP 6/5) as well as from Kelloggs.com

What makes this an even better deal is that most of Kellogg's cereals have Cars 2 codes inside them and every 4 codes earns you a $5 gas gift card or $5 at the concession stand at the theater. There are other options but those are my favorite :)

And to top that off 5 of the boxes I purchased are Crispix cereal and when I have 10 UPC codes I can redeem them for another $10 gas gift card from Kellogg's AARP Rewards program. Since I already have 5 UPC's saved up I can cut off my UPC's and send them in right away and have my gas card back in a few weeks. While it does say gas card you can use it anywhere as a credit card - if I had to guess I'd say it would be the same through the Cars rewards program.

So with all my codes and rebates I should get about $20 back leaving my total for 12 boxes of cereal and 3 gallons of milk at just $4! And that's a price I can afford :) I think I'll be going back for more!

Hope you all can get stocked up on some cereal and milk :) Unfortunately we can never get too stocked up on milk because we drink it SO fast!

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