Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Deadly Ties Book Review

Yes, in the midst of all my crazy life I have been able to find some time to read some Christian fiction books which are my absolute favorite books to read - better yet if they are mystery/suspense books. So, of course, I was very excited when the book I got to review this time was right up my alley :)

This was an author I'd never read before but am excited to read more from her because I really enjoyed her books. I received Deadly Ties free to review from Waterbrook Multonmah Press Blogging for Books but I ordered the first book in the series for myself so that I could read the books in order. Very, very good.

I did find a short trailer for the book on YouTube - a tad cheesy but fun :)

My review of the book:

I really enjoyed Vicki Hinze’s book Deadly Ties. Deadly Ties is the second book in the Crossroads Crisis Center novels. Since I had not read the first book in the series, Forget Me Not, I went ahead and ordered it and read it first. All I can say is I’m surprised I had not read this author sooner. Her books are everything I enjoy about reading fiction – suspense, mystery and a little bit of romance.

The suspense in both books was very well done. Forget Me Not focused on Kelly Walker and Ben Brandt while book 2 focused on Lisa Harper and Mark Taylor. Both stories were interwoven well and I would recommend reading Forget Me Not first, however, if you don’t you won’t be lost in Deadly Ties at all.

Vicki Hinze did an excellent job of keeping me reading and wanting to know what happened next and how the characters got out of their situations. I enjoyed the characters and found them to be real people reacting to real situations. Both Lisa and Mark were strong characters which I enjoyed. While Lisa often found herself in distress she was resourceful and brave rather than a coward and I liked that about her.

I loved how the author wove together the past and the present. At first I wasn’t sure how she was going to tie the same criminal organization that threatened Lisa to Kelly Walker’s case from the previous book but the writing was believable and tied together very well.

Vicki is truly a gifted author and knows how to write modern Christian fiction suspense. From the very first page of the first book I was hooked and Vicki did not let me down through all of book 1 or book 2. I am very much looking forward to the next book in the spring of 2012 and will be buying it as soon as it comes out! I highly recommend Vicki Hinze and her books – a must-read!

The book can be purchased from Amazon: HERE

And be sure to check out more about this author at her website: Vicki Hinze

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