Monday, March 21, 2011

Is It Really Time To Meal Plan Again?

You can tell when I've had a hard and busy week when I only post my meal plans on Monday :) I had every intention of posting in between but my week was so busy preparing for this past weekends multiples consignment sale and then running the consignment sale and then being exhausted because of the consignment sale. Notice a theme?

The good news? I sold quite a bit of stuff and I am thrilled to have it out of my house! What's left is already tagged for the next sale in a few weeks.

As always to get myself back into the swing of things it's best to meal plan. Somehow that and couponing make me feel more organized.

You'll notice a bunch of repeats from last week - my husband felt sorry for me a few times and took me out to dinner instead of cooking :) So sweet! I know, I know the budget didn't love it but sometimes frugal goes out the window. Yes, it does happen.

Monday: Mexican Shepherd's Pie

Tuesday: Italian Sausage Pasta

Wednesday: Turkey Tettrazini (Pampered Chef Recipe)

Thursday: Wahoo! Chili

Friday: Pork Chops with Salad, Veggies and Potatoes

Saturday: Taco Night since I will be out at a women's church event

Sunday: Easy Baked Manicotti (this just sounds too good to pass up this week!)

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