Friday, May 13, 2011

Organization 2011: Anniversary Gift

Kirk's gift to me was to take me for 2 days to Hershey, PA - out to dinner, a movie and Hershey Park theme park - it was great! But the best part was that he planned all the money in advance so I didn't have to stress over what it cost or what we were spending - how awesome is he?

In "return" I decided to use what small amount of organizational talent I have to rearrange his office.

Here's the before - his desk doesn't seem so bad

But the other side of his office tells a different story - somehow it's become our dumping ground for way too many things!!

And the sweet,sweet after - new chair and all:

(sorry it's not a better picture we're having a few camera issues...)

I actually organized the office on our anniversary (which was Tuesday) but have had to work the rest of the week sorting all the papers. I just didn't have enough time on Tuesday to get it all together. But that's the thing about organizing/cleaning - it doesn't all HAVE to be done in one day - by putting like with like to clean his office I was able to move everything out that didn't belong there and sort it later.

So, if you're wondering where to begin organizing pick a place you can do quickly and when done just looks good. Moving unwanted items out of Kirk's office made the space feel bigger and the house feel cleaner AND got me motivated to keep going. Of course doing it as a gift and buying a piece of new furniture helped too :)

Happy 15th anniversary to me! Oh, I mean my awesome husband, Kirk...

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