Monday, May 16, 2011

Menu Planning: 5/16

The month is only half over yet I've hardly had any time to cook - with Mother's Day and our anniversary we've been out often. We've had some really good chicken recipes like Chicken Parmesan and Crispy Chicken Burrito Bundles but I haven't had much need for my monthly meal plan. So, since this week is a little less crazy than the past few I figured I'd share what we have planned though I can already see a few meetings putting hiccups in our plans.

But here it is nonetheless:

Monday: Beef and Bean Taco Casserole

Tuesday: Gram’s Chicken Pot Pie Updated

Wednesday: Tater Tot Casserole

Thursday: Ravioli Lasagna (this may turn into something else since we're supposed to have company as well as a school function but this is the plan...)

Friday: Leftovers or fast food - I'll be gone all day on a kids field trip to a theme park so I KNOW I will be in no mood for cooking - see what I mean about being crazy busy this month and with just 3 weeks left of school and a ton to do before then I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed!

Saturday: Chicken 'N Peppers Pasta Skillet - a super easy recipe for me to make for the kids since Kirk will be speaking that night to the school seniors at their class banquet (kind of like prom but it's a Christian school so there's no dancing)

Sunday: We have a birthday party and we'll be having dinner there

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