Monday, September 14, 2009

Meal Plan Monday 9/14

Since I am bogged down this week preparing for our moms of multiples yard sale this weekend (of which I am in charge - eek!) I have asked Kristy if she would share her meal plan for the week with us. She doesn't have triplets but 3 under 3 is pretty close so I've let her in the club :)

Kristy's meal plan for the week was inspired by this blog and my own meal planning. Good to know!

Monday--out for gourmet pizza (Corey's day off)

Tuesday--creamy chicken and noodles, veggies (crockpot recipe--double the meat and save half for Thursday)

Wednesday--lasagna toss, bread (make meatballs (freeze) with other half of ground beef for next week)

Thursday--chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, chips

Friday--enchilada bake, applesauce (double and freeze one)


Sunday--BBQ chicken in crockpot, mac n cheese, peas (double the meat and shred for bbq sandwiches)

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