Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (On Tuesday) 9/29

I truly meant to post my meal plan last night but it didn't happen and life got in the way :)

So I will go ahead and post it today instead.

Sunday - White Bean Chicken Chili with sour cream and cheese; Croissants
Monday - School Fundraiser at Foster's Grille
Tuesday - Chicken Pot Pie
Wednesday - Wahoo! Chili (a Tastefully Simple recipe)
Thursday - T-ball; Moms of Multiples Meeting
Friday - Chicken and Dumplings
Saturday - Leftovers - clean out the fridge :)

With fall settling in I have been in the mood for stews, soups and chili's. Fortunately my husband loves all three and doesn't mind my cravings!

I also headed back to HT last night to double more coupons. My store is also running a promotion that if you spend $75/week in groceries for 16 out of 18 weeks (I think we're in week 7) then you will earn $50 in gift cards around Christmas so I am trying to actually hit that. What surprises me is how often I don't get to $75/week on groceries! This week I just barely hit it and mainly it's because I spent $6.99 on the girl's bath soap - yes, I know - ouch!

I spent: $29.33
And saved: $40.06

I also purchased a huge roast on sale - all the meat I bought this week will be what we eat next week! So, ultimately I spent $75 for at least 2 weeks worth of groceries - not a bad deal.

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