Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trip #3 - Yes, I Went Back

And I should've gone back tonight but I just didn't have the energy so I will have to forego the cheap rice. I know, I know large rice was $0.90 after coupon but since it's not a dollar coupon I can wait till it's on sale again :)

Here's what I got last night:

I spent: $37.22
And saved: $84.54

Funny thing is I left my bread there the night before (my apples and green pepper too - what was I thinking?) but HT was gracious and replaced my bread for free. Maybe because I basically live there!

You can probably tell I stocked up on a number of the same items as the day before but today I added the Clearisil since it was free after coupon :) I can't pass up on free!

Looking forward to next week's deals! Be sure to sign up to be an E-VIC customer if you have a HT nearby. HT will e-mail you every week with the specials that you purchase the most. I love getting my "sneak peak" as to what's on sale in my inbox. I guess that's how you know you are serious about coupons - you look forward to the next sale :) Go to Harris Teeter to sign up.

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  1. Man I wish stores near me would double coupons! You did GREAT =)