Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Triple Coupon "Success"?

Given my rough week there's no surprise it took me a while to actually get out to Harris Teeter to shop. And even though I made it last night and again tonight to two different HT stores the shelves were essentially bare. I was still able to find a number of good deals but mostly ended up with a stack of rainchecks. Lesson learned? Check the sales early! Or don't have a family crisis at the beginning of the couponing week :) Kidding!

I did manage to pick up a few things and keep my food bill relatively low for the week.

First trip:

Not pictured: 5 gallons of milk

I spent: $37.89
And saved: $72.99

Second trip:

I spent: $8.48
And saved: $14.21 (I also earned $2.00 off my next shopping order so that's even more savings for next week!)

Not too bad for a week's worth of groceries but I have found that I can often get more and save more on non triple coupon or dollar doubler weeks - mostly because there's actually food left in the store! Looking forward to next week's sales :)

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