Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dollar Doubler Week At Harris Teeter

I've got to see this week at Harris Teeter wasn't that exciting. You'd think with Dollar Doubler that there would be tons of deals to be had but there really weren't.

This is what I picked up:

I spent: $43.32
And saved: $43.57 (exactly 50%)

I did make some budgetary adjustments for the month of May for a couple of reasons:

1. BJ's helped with snack foods but not with meals - proof that warehouses cause you to overspend in more ways than one. With tonights purchases I hit my $400 budget for the month and it's only the 19th! I also know that I'm going to need at least a few more groceries before month end.

2. I am providing meals for 3 other families and having another family over on Friday night thus all the canned goods :) I've decided to make Taco Bake for everyone - the chicken was on sale for $.39 a pound (I actually got 2 packs but one is hiding behind the other). Add in some on-sale canned goods and I can make a great meal for lots of people without costing me a lot of money and since the meal is freezable then anyone can store it for however long they want - win-win!

3. We are going to Florida next month and I have to adjust our budget for that - both for travel and feeding us in Florida and Kirk here - it's a big job :) Fortunately my parents do provide some of our food so I shouldn't go over budget but I did allow myself $600 for now until the end of June including our trip.

The few deals to be had:

E-Vic Special was Red Baron Pizza
- regular price: $4.99
- sale price: $3.97
- eVic price: $2.97
- used $1.50/1 coupon from S 4/25
- final price: FREE

I also had a eVic special in my e-mail for Classico Pasta Sauce
- regular price: $4.99
- special price: $2.99
- used $1.50/1 coupon from S 4/25
- final price: FREE

Carefree Liner
- regular price: $1.49
- sale price: none
- used $1.00/1 coupon from S 4/25
- final price: FREE (no overage - computer automatically adjusts)

Lysol Wipes
- regular price: $3.35 each
- sale price: $3.00
- used 3 $1.00/1 coupon from S 4/25
- final price: $1.00 (since I was getting quite low on Lysol Wipes I was thrilled to stock up again)

For a few more deals check out Southern Savers but be sure to check the Grocery Game on Sunday because I'm betting there are more deals to be had. Okay mostly I'm just hoping because this week was kind of anti-climatic.

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