Thursday, May 13, 2010

Harris Teeter This Week (5/12) - Great Meal Deal

Of course I was just running for a few deals and ended up loading up my cart :)

Wasn't too bad when this is what I got:

And this is what I spent: $43.14
And this is what I saved: $58.04

A few sales were too good to pass up like stocking up on cheese and hot dogs. But I also loved the meal deal. You buy 2 DiGiornio Ultimate Pizzas (at $7.99/each) and you get Mozzarella Cheese Sticks ($7.15); Harris Teeter Ice Cream Sandwiches ($3.69) and a 2 Liter of Coke ($2.19) FREE - so couldn't pass that up :) We'll be having all that for dinner one night.

There's also a General Mills deal where you buy 10 boxes and get $4.00 off (or $0.40 off each item) - if you do it right you can get your cereal pretty cheap. The HT I went to will not double coupons that read "Do not Double or Triple" and they're very strict about it (I have two Harris Teeter's here - one doesn't care and one does - it's very store specific even though I believe there store policy is not to double a coupon that states it should not be doubled). I say that to say my cereal was about $0.85 a box whereas you could go cheaper with the right coupons.

I suggest you head to Southern Savers to get all the coupon match-ups - some of my coupons happened to come out of muffin boxes I already had :)

And, if you haven't heard next week at Harris Teeter will be SUPER DOUBLES where the store will double all your $1.00 to $1.98 coupons - this is a great way to stock up cheap so be sure to plan ahead :) I know most of the rest of my monthly budget (which sits at just $85 left right now - ouch!) will go to stocking up there next week. That and some pork tenderloin and milk at Harris Teeter this weekend :)

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