Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu Planning Monday 5/10

Today is my 14th anniversary (and yesterday was Mother's Day) so this week is a little different. We didn't go out to dinner tonight because we were painting the family room (my anniversary gift and I LOVED it!!) but I'm saving my out to dinner night for later this week :)

Here's my menu plan for this week - kind of basic though we did try a new recipe tonight that was very good!

Monday: Chicken BBQ Sandwiches w/ Mac and Cheese - used my own mac and cheese recipe but it was still good :)

Tuesday: Mini Meat Loaves with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans - family favorite that we have a lot - or at least whenever I have I have ground beef in the freezer

Wednesday: Shepherd's Pie - same thing - I use the leftover mashed potatoes

Thursday: Either chicken stir-fry or chicken ceaser salad - haven't decided yet but will be using the Perdue chicken short cuts for dinner

Friday: Out to eat - yea!

Saturday: Leftovers unless we have some friends over then I will have to make something :) Hoping for the guests over the leftovers.

As for grocery shopping this week I went twice to pick up a few things. No picture since there wasn't much there and it was mostly just ingredients for our dinners along with a few deals.

I spent: $21.75
And saved: $20.13

Best Deals:

Totino Pizza Rolls
- original price: $2.19/each
- sale price: buy 1 get 1 free
- used 3 $0.35 off 1 coupon from S 4/18
- final price: $0.40/each

Pert Plus For Men
- original price: $3.65/each
- sale price: $2.50/each
- used 2 $1.50/1 coupon from S 5/2
- final price: $1.00/each

I know there are some great e-Vic specials this week but I haven't gotten there to pick them up - maybe tomorrow. Check out Southern Savers for the match-ups.

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