Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Consignment Sale Time Again

I apologize for not posting yesterday - consignment sale week is here again which means I am working at home all day and working there at night. It's worth it though to be able to shop early today.

Here's my take:

Spent $193.73.

More then I wanted to spend but still got so many great deals it was hard to pass up. The dinosaur will be a b-day present for Caleb in November and it was just $20 - over Christmas they were somewhere over $100 brand new.

Some of the other new things I'll be putting away for the girls for their birthday as well so I guess I did pretty well.

Favorite find - 3 animal flashlights for the girls - they are going to be soo excited when they see them (they're napping now).

For the big kids I got a good start on their fall wardrobe:

and for the babies I picked up 15 pairs of pajamas. They were all in great condition - sadly this won't even get us from one laundry day to the next!! But it's a great start for those cold nights that are sure to come. Eventually... (with the heat we have now I have doubts but I'm hoping!!)

(sorry - I cannot turn the picture)

I didn't go in with a list though I had a general idea of what I needed and the budget that I had hoped for was shot out of the water but still I thought I got a number of deals.

Wondering how I feel about yard sales in comparison? While I agree they are cheaper the finding of things is much harder. In my area we have one community that I feel is worth it but still you have no idea what you may find. I'd rather pay the slightly higher prices of a consignment sale and know what I'm getting.


  1. I love it! Haven't found a good consignment sale yet, but there' one coming this fall. But I will admit I am addicted to garage sales. We have soo many communities around us that for 2 months straight you can pick and choose where to go. I agree w/ the PJs, can't have too many! And when you can find PJs, shoes, and jeans for $1/max, I have to stock up! It's funny now that I've been spoiled by GS that it's hard to pay more than $3 for anything! Crazy. We did spend $10 on Gymboree outifts w/ pants/tops/socks at a sale and had to keep telling myself what a deal that was! It was my favorite "cupcake" line too! Great shopping! Finding deals is addicting!

  2. I have a list as well! I went thru the totes of each size and wrote down what was missing and also w/ shoes. Need to find a good place to buy dressier stuff and matching options. Maybe I'll call our local consignment stores and see if they'll call me if matching stuff comes in...Any suggestions?

  3. I buy all our matching stuff new and on sale or I use Ebay to try and get some really good deals. If I find something I really like at a consignment sale I head over to Ebay to find the match. Gymbohaven.com can tell you the line and you can look it up on Ebay from there. Enjoy your deals