Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sunday's HT Trip

(Not pictured - 5 gallons of milk and 2 1/2 dozen eggs)

I didn't post this on Sunday since I spent so much time on CVS but figured I'd share today what I picked up at Harris Teeter.

This week I spent more then usual. I had a larger needs list which is frustrating. Nothing I could do - I had to pick some things up.

I spent: $91.44 (aaagh!)
But saved: $114 (I forgot how much change)

Because I started cooking dinner this week (we ate at VBS last week) I needed a few things.

Monday - a pie crust $2.35 (not on sale but generic)
Tuesday - ricotta cheese $2.99 (on sale a little bit but no coupon)
Wednesday - black beans $0.67
Thursday - carrots, cucumber and ramen noodles

You get the idea - I had all the other ingredients so in a way my Monday meal only cost the $2.35. Of course that's not bad but you buy a little bit for every day and it adds up. This is why buying what's on sale and NOT what's on your needs list is the better way to shop.

I should've stored up some pie crusts when they were on sale and I didn't. The rest I probably couldn't do anything about and while I should plan my meals around what's on sale my tastes just don't go that way.

Fortunately, I have a monthly budget as well as a weekly budget that can accomodate the overage. I did also pick up a large number of cleaning items and cups and plates which were all on great sales but everything adds up.

Again, a great lesson for life - a little savings adds up to a lot - a little spending adds up to a lot so yes, your pennies do count.

Looking to shop at Harris Teeter before Sunday's list comes out?


Since the HT sales run from Wednesday to Wednesday I do often find it hard to wait until Sunday when the Grocery Game list comes out. But even if I go early I will check the list on Sunday for all the sales I've missed.

*** CVS sidenote - I did go back and they gave me no problem giving me my $6 back that I didn't spend so I did one more Febreze deal spending $2.50 so for the week I spent $26 at CVS and earned back $19 in ECB's for next week - future goals are always to spend less but I'm still a newbie! ***


  1. How was your chicken pot pie? What recipe do you use?

  2. Chicken pot pie was excellent! Click on it - it will take you to the recipe.