Sunday, July 12, 2009

Low On Sales This Week

...but at least I only spent $0.28 at CVS :)

I spent $0.28
And saved $22.99
And earned $5.98 in ECB's

Would've been more but they were out of all the good free stuff:

CVS 1 Subject Notebook - on sale for $0.99 and earn $0.99 ECB back
Paper Mate Grip Pens - on sale for $0.99 and earn $0.99 ECB back
Small Scissors - on sale for $2.99 and earn $2.99 ECB back
CVS School Glue - on sale for $0.99 and earn $0.99 ECB back
CVS Plastic or Wooden Ruler - on sale for $0.99 and earn $0.99 ECB back

- I only got 2 of the notebooks

Gilette Fusion Power Razor - on sale for $7.99 - $4.00 off coupon PG 6/7 and earn $4.00 ECB's back - FREE

Since I had to use $9 in ECB's I went ahead and picked up the Electrasol Tabs free though they were on sale for $1.49 and then pens were $1.50

- for more deals check out The Grocery Game

Then on to Harris Teeter:

(not pictured 4 gallons of milk)

I spent: $57.28
And saved: $52.28

Certainly not my greatest week - usually I save well over 50% but this week I didn't have many coupons and there weren't a whole lot of sales. Aagh! No good cereal at all :( We don't eat Raisin Bran. But that was okay because we have plenty stocked away for the week.

Once again we have no real meal plan this week because we are camping Wednesday through Friday (camping is a loose term - we'll be at a house with some friends) but we are only responsible for one dinner and one breakfast. Since I have a TON of frozen chicken thanks to a great sale at Giant previously we will be having grilled chicken :)

Be sure to print off a new Giant coupon HERE. The coupon is good for $5 off a $15 meat purchase from July 6th to the 16th.

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