Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time Again For Ebay

I had every intention of getting to CVS today but then Saturday rolled around and it's been a really long week and I was just tired :)

So instead I figured I'd begin again with Ebay. It's that time of year to begin selling Fall clothes.

I know it seems crazy but July is the time to pull out all those fall clothes and begin selling them. Soon we will all begin buying school clothes for our kids and those clothes generally fall into the cooler weather category. That means that fall clothes are what's selling on Ebay. Use retailers as your guide - when they put fall clothes out so should you.

How do I decide what to sell first?

- I tend to list what's most popular last year - some of what I bought sold out faster then others.

For instance, my plan is to list these boots:

I have 3 pairs - one for each girl. They sold out very quickly at Gap last year so I know they will sell well this year on Ebay. I've also already checked listings currently on Ebay to see how they are selling now:

Baby Gap 2008 Brown Butterfly Boots

Currently they are selling for around $20 even before bidding has ended which means I can hope to get around that - for used boots that's not so bad!

- I like to start with my favorite stuff so I'm more excited about selling it - fortunately what's popular is usually what ended up being my favorite. Mostly because when I see what I like sell well I am more enthused about selling more stuff. Plus, I start out with more money which is what I want to buy my own new clothes :)

- If possible I look back to last year and see when it sold or when I bought it - chances are the best time to sell is in the same month. It's slightly harder with Gap but Gymboree is very easy if you check last year's lines at Gymbohaven. She lists all of last years lists and when they came out. She also gives you the lines which again makes listing your own items easier as people tend to search for things by line name.

So, get out all of last years lines, begin sorting, cleaning and taking pictures. It's time to make some money on Ebay :)

For more Ebay tips check out: Ebay Selling Coach

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