Monday, July 20, 2009

No Coupons, No Lists

Well, almost - I had one $10 coupon off $40 at Harris Teeter (used to be $20 off $50 but they have gone cheap on me!) and a few Sure coupons but I only used those last minute because they actually had some deodarant there.

So, this is what I bought:

I spent: $48.68
And saved: $43.74

Not too bad considering I didn't really have any coupons. This will serve us for the week for the most part until Friday and Kaitlyn's birthday party but since I'm quite under budget it's not a bad thing.

This week's meals (not much of a Meal Plan Monday but close enough):

Monday - Easy Bake Pasta
Tuesday - Chicken Pot Pie
Wednesday - Meat Loaf
Thursday - Enchiladas of some sort (probably chicken)
Friday - Kaitlyn's b-day party
Saturday - recover :)

And I should clarify that I did check the Grocery Game but there weren't many sales and the few that there were I had already used the coupons for (like the Pop-Tarts). Some weeks are just like that and I still have cereal for the week!

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