Thursday, July 30, 2009

Family Photos

So, this is obviously not a tightwads thing (this is actually more of a splurge thing) but I'm going to share here anyway! Because sometimes you pay for things without a coupon :) All photos taken by Kate Headley.

The new family photo.

My kids. Love them :) And, of course, I think they're totally adorable.

I think this is my favorite picture ever of the girls together.

2nd favorite.

I have no idea what Rachel was laughing about but I just love this shot.

They absolutely loved their glasses!

My favorite of the girls in outfit #2.

My girls.

My boys.


Such a beauty.

Daddy's girl.

Me and my son.


So handsome.

Do you think she looks like me?

Me and Kirk - aaaawww...

My favorite one of Julianna.

This one captures Julianna's personality so well - she is so vibrant and full of life - I love it!


Now this is the definition of cool.

This is so Rachel's personality - mischevious and always into something. It was either this or the clinging to mom photo - I opted for this one.

Alyssa's flying high.

I just love that her glasses are slightly off and she's just cheesin' away.

Super sweet.

Group shots.

Can you see Julianna's little face down the line? Thank God there was a dog jumping in the water right in front of us - kept the girls fascinated :)

This is mama's bunch!

We took the pictures in front of a lighthouse in Alexandria. Beautiful location!

Funny faces.

So Julianna wasn't much into the silly faces.



And Alyssa saying "bye" and thanks for viewing our new great pictures from Kate!

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  1. Absolutely Beautiful pics! Wow! What a great photo shoot and you let the kids have fun too! We will be splurging a bit on our trips 1st birthday pics, I'm having a photographer come so we don't miss a smile. Memories are soo worth the money, you can't skimp there! I love the location you were at!