Saturday, June 6, 2009


Have you ever paid attention to the mail-in rebates on cereal boxes or other food? I really haven't. The free movies, the free toys - whatever, I rarely give it a second thought.

But lately I have been paying more attention. Before I left VA I filled out a form from my Poptarts for a free movie. They had been on sale and I had bought so many that I figured I might as well. So I mailed the form in with all my little cut-outs from the Poptarts and a week or so ago Kirk got a coupon for a free movie. Since he's home alone for a while longer he took himself to the movies for free :)

Here in FL Publix and General Mills are running a free movie ticket special. This I knew and figured if I had a chance while I was here I would try and check it out. Today I scored!

As I always do I check the coupon mom to see what the "big" sales for the week are and their coupon match-ups. She never has a list as easy to follow as the Grocery Game but she generally gives me a good idea of what I can expect come Sunday. One of the items was fruit snacks and fruit roll-ups. I was too excited to wait till tomorrow :) The kids love them and we were completely out.

So, when my mom said she needed to go to the store I was more then happy to tag along and pick up the big sale items. As I was grabbing up as many fruit snack boxes as I could grab (kidding) I noticed a number of them had little tags on them that said "Get 2 Free Movie Tickets"

After a little bit of digging I came up with 8 boxes - 2 short of my 10 needed for my free movie tickets. At a second Publix (my mom forgot something and had to go back anyway!) we found 2 more.

The best news is I spent $11.00 on 10 boxes of fruit roll-ups/fruit snacks (they were on sale Buy 1 Get 1 free and I had a coupon) and got 2 free movie tickets up to $24.00! Talk about a return on my "investment" especially since I know movie tickets by me are now $10.25 a person!

So be sure to take a look at what you're buying. Some of those mail-in items are a great deal especially when you can get them free - I mean you're already stocking up on the food cheap so why not??! And if you're anywhere near a Publix be sure to check out ClickCallMail to register for your movie tickets - you have to sign up then enter your codes when you get them. The promotion is good until 10/31/09 and you can earn up to 10 tickets or 5 redemptions per household.

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