Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Confessions of a CVS Newbie!

Once again I am committing to try CVS. I keep thinking I'll try and then I don't or I think I don't need anything so I don't go. But here in Florida I'm once again talking to my friend Valerie who introduced me to the Grocery Game and she is convinced we should both give it a try :)

So, yesterday I decided to go. Here's what I got:

I spent: $33.64
And saved: $20.43
And earned: $11.00 ECB's

I'm calling this my "inital investment" since I had no other ECB's to spend to reduce my out-of-pocket expense. Of course $7.99 went to diapers of which I was hoping to get $5.00 ECB's back (it was rumored there were some) but those did not print on my receipt :( I didn't really expect it since I had also heard the deal was over but figured it was worth a try - it was still a good deal and we can always use more diapers! :)

And the candy is for our trip back to VA on Friday - nothing makes a kid quiet like some candy :) Otherwise I would've skipped that deal. But still $25 to earn $11 isn't bad. Hopefully next week my OOP will be MUCH lower.

I also came across this site which I thought had a great explanation on CVS (to compliment what Cherie has already posted): Money Saving Mom

She had a great article for why to try CVS and how to get started. One of her pieces of advice was to start out only buying what ends up free with ECB's - to start small and build your way up. She also suggested trying it for a few months before giving up.

Based on her advice I've decided to actually try it to use my extra care bucks to earn more extra care bucks and see what I can get for free or really cheap. And if I don't need it I have a plan to donate it which I'll share at a later date.

If you haven't signed up for the Grocery Game yet consider adding CVS for your trial 4 weeks when you do. It's a great way to get a list and get yourself started. After 4 weeks you may even be able to do it for yourself without the list though I've been using my mom's list this week and that has been invaluable.

Tomorrow I will be packing and Friday we will be traveling so I will post again on Saturday.


  1. it would help if you would post the cost of the items -- I am trying to add it all up - the always pads are how much ?? and then did you use a manufactures coupon with that as well.....I look everywhere for savings idea's and love them !!!! so any additional info is appreciated --- at least maybe every 4th or 5th's fun to save !!

  2. Hi,

    I know this posting is a bit late, but regarding the CVS deal for diapers (which I got for my brother in law), I had to call customer service, and they looked up my card in their system to verify that I bought them, and credited my account. The ECBs printed on my next trip to CVS and were for longer than the usual 2 weeks that they last. I would suggest you at least give them a call. You can't lose anything, but if you can gain the ECBs back, it will be well worth it!

    Nice pictures!