Friday, June 26, 2009

How'd You Do?

Did you spend less this week? I don't know if I did to be honest :) We didn't go out until tonight so I guess I did that. I didn't make extra meals though I did talk to friends about doing it later. Does that count?

1. When traveling away from home, pack your own snacks, meals and drinks. We didn't travel - we were home most of the week.

2. Try not to eat out at all this week. From Saturday to next Friday. We didn't go out to eat until tonight so I guess I had this covered :) Right?

3. Plan outings that are no cost adventures, such as parks and museums. Instead of going out I had lots of friends over and we had cheap fun here at the house. Oh, we did go to a few parks and are going to another tomorrow.

4. Make extra meals for your freezer for days when you have no gusto to cook dinner. I didn't do this BUT I did talk to friends about doing it in the near future. Does that count?

5. Make something from scratch that you normally wouldn't, such as bread, household cleaners, snacks, etc. I made muffins from a box - I'm pretty sure that doesn't count but that was the week I had - I mean I spent Monday night in the ER with Julianna getting some stitches in her head.

6. If you haven't made a budget (or goals for 2009) yet..DO IT! If you are all sqaured away here, check and see if there is something in your budget that you can lower, or cut out completely. This I have done and I'm always working on it.

7. Try out a new-to-you frugal idea such as washing/re-using ziploc bags, using less laundry/dishwashing detergent, re-use juice from canned fruits and vegetables, save butter tubs, amongst many others. Be creative! Yea, didn't do this.

I so hope you had a better week financially then I!

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