Saturday, June 27, 2009

The List Was Up Early

And I got to shop on Friday! Oh I was so excited. It meant the rest of my weekend money could actually be my weekend money! I didn't have to save it till Sunday because I went grocery shopping yesterday. Pinch me :)

Of course I also wish HT would double coupons up to $1.98 every day but I imagine if they did they would lose a ton of money! Not that that would bother me but how could they stay in business?

Anyway, back to how I did.

I spent: $32.99 (yep for the week's groceries! We had enough left over to eat out last night which was so much fun and a big treat)
And saved: $60.88

A few things on my list were out of stock - a few of the free items of course! Wouldn't have increased my spending total just my savings total. Oh well, I will check back because you can't beat free.

I did "splurge" a little bit on the yogurt. We were out and it wasn't on sale but I did have a coupon so it wasn't as expensive as it could have been but still not the sale I generally hope for.

As you can probably see there's not a lot of dinner items there but that's okay. My cupboards and fridges are full - now to come up with some recipes! We did got to Giant and pick up some of the chicken on sale - okay, a LOT of that chicken on sale. For $20 I have so much chicken I could cook for weeks.

So, any chicken recipes?

I am also wondering if anyone else would like to share their menu plan for next week on Monday? It's menu plan Monday but I'm not sure you really care what I eat - I want to know what you eat :) Especially if it involves chicken!

Just leave a comment and let me know what you eat!

Can't comment? E-mail me at and I'll set you up :)

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