Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shopping At Gymboree

Last night I took a trip to Gymboree and picked up some clothes for the kids. I think I wound up with a pretty good deal.

All of the above cost me: $108.14
The original retail price for all of this was: $340.70!!

Of course I would never pay that but if I were to have bought them at full price that's what it would cost.

At full price Gymboree is a very expensive kids clothing store.

At sale price Gymboree is extremely reasonable. In fact, it gets better - I earned a $50 Gymbucks on my purchase - meaning in the future I can take $50 off my $100 purchase (if you do the math this results in an extra 25% off my purchases). What I paid averages out to $6.36 a piece! That means for next year's swimsuits for the girls I paid just over $6!! That even beats Wal-Mart!

It may not beat a thrift store but I'm getting the size I need, it's brand new and I can re-sell the items when I'm done.

How did I do it?

Currently Gymboree is running a number of sales - woven shorts are $10 cheaper (instead of $22 or $26 they are $12 or $16 a piece) - they have items on sale for $7.99 - like the watermelon tops I bought which are from a brand new line and not an old line.

On top of that everything is 30% off right now plus I can use a coupon with the sale. There is a 20% off Gymboree coupon in the most recent issue of Family Fun magazine (June/July - on stands now).

It's the same basic principle as grocery shopping. You buy what's on sale and use a coupon :) I also hit the clearance rack - the bluish shorts with frogs were on sale for $5.99 before the sale and the coupon which brought them down to $3.35!! That's one way I can buy ahead (they are size 3 and 4 for next summer).

Obviously buying at the end of the season is the best way to outfit your kids cheap but it's not my favorite way to shop because 1. I generally don't have extra money for next year's clothes and 2. I have no idea how big or small my kids will be next year BUT when the deal is this good I don't pass it up. Plus I had my eye on those bathing suits for a while and the girls didn't need them this year :)

So before you right off a brand-name store as too expensive check it out - you may be very pleasantly surprised! And yes, I paid cash.

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