Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Consignment Time Again

I have been working hard for the past two weeks - tagging items for other people and now this week working at the consignment sale. I have been out every night! So busy :) I even had to run to Harris Teeter and spend a whole $75 without coupons - for the record I spent $79.77 and saved $61.55 - eek - haven't spent more than I saved in a long time but I'm trying to earn the gift cards at the end of the year. Good news is I stocked up on juice :)

Here's what I got this time at the sale:

I spent: $147.53

I bought a lot of PJ's, a number of games, some Petshops and puppets - my kids are now covered for their winter clothes! And the big kids are thrilled to have footed pajamas.

A few thoughts on consignment sales:

- go as early as you can which means volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! The selection is so much better then when it's been picked through by hundreds of people.

- shop again later (I spent another $42 today and got a great find for Caleb's b-day for just $6) - shop again after all the items have been gone through to see what treasures may remain uncovered - racks can sometimes be so full that it's hard to see things

- look for brand names - they hold up better

- examine the items before purchase - they should have been examined by the staff but you never know what can be missed and you don't want to get it home later and find out something was stained.

- think about the price - sometimes it's a good deal and sometimes it just isn't - I can get Gymboree cheap on sale so I don't want to spend more than that on a used item!

- make a list but be realistic - it's rare you'll find a Wii game at a consignment sale :) And sometimes the items you saw on receiving night (if you worked before the sale) won't be there so you should have a plan B too.

- it's not the end of the world! Yes, you're saving money but sometimes there are reasons we just stop at real stores instead :) You know for the fact that they have more than 1 of the same item so you don't have to wrestle with the lady next to you.

- have fun - sometimes you'll get a good deal and sometimes you'll be disappointed - the fun is in the hunt and the stories you have behind your favorite finds.


  1. I love the semi-annual sale my Moms club has. I just got a Little Tykes basketball hoop for $2! Awesome. Plus, selling items and making money...perfect!

  2. We have a consignment sale coming up in our area! Thanks for the list! I'll keep them in mind!