Saturday, October 24, 2009

CVS Tips

(Not pictured: Three 12-packs of coke)

Late night, last minute trip to CVS :) Couldn't pass up on a few of this week's deals. I won't bore you with them since the deals are now over. Instead I thought I'd share a few tips I've learned from playing CVS.

I spent: $26.76
And saved: $28.60 (used $7 ECB's from last week's trip)
And earned: $15 in ECB's

- use the Grocery Game for a rundown on all the CVS deals

- but be sure to double check the deals - sometimes there are great deals with ECB's (Extra Care Bucks) that she doesn't list as "blue deals" - like tonight I bought Advil and Robittussin - 2 of each for $6.00 after coupons on ECB's which is a really great deal

- I used the Coupon Mom on Saturday nights to find my deals early though I have yet to shop early on Saturday - I find it fun and someday maybe I'll get there :)

- if it's a really good deal go ahead and get it even if you don't use it - donate it, give it away - something but don't pass it up!

- don't waste your ECB's - use them to purchase other items that will earn you more ECB's

- begin earning ECB's by picking up items that are free, really close to free or are good deals on items you use regularly

Thanks for those of you who shared your great consignment sale deals! If you have CVS tips feel free to leave those too :) I'm always learning!

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