Thursday, October 29, 2009


Did you know you can get the Grocery Game for free?

For starters when you sign up you get the first 4 weeks free just to try it out!

After that you're charged per store every 8 weeks - $10 for the first store and $5 for each additional one. Clearly the benefits outweight the cost but if you could get it free wouldn't that be better?

You can earn 12 weeks free for every 3 friends that sign up. Now it can't just be the trial off - they have to actually sign up but once your friends start saving money they're going to want to sign up too.

All you need to do to get credit is be sure your friends put your e-mail in the referral section on the site. It can be added at any time. In fact if you have signed up because of the blog I'd be thrilled if you used my name as a referral. My e-mail address is: - thanks!

Remember, the Grocery Game is so easy! I sent my husband back to pick up some more juice for me on Monday. Here's what he got:

He spent: $14.99
And saved: $36.32

Not bad! My husband's smart but he's not as into this coupon thing as I am but he too enjoyed saving so much money :)

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