Monday, October 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 10/5

Sunday - French Toast (cooked by dad - so yummy!)
Monday - Out to dinner - sorry, just felt like it - sometimes you just go!
Tuesday - Leftover Pot Roast from Saturday
Wednesday - Baked Ziti (see, I'm cooking!)
Thursday - Sandra's Salisbury Steaks (I have no idea who Sandra is)
Friday - MOPS yard sale - volunteering - dad and kids to fend for themselves
Saturday - Chicken Enchiladas (the creamy, good kind)

Seem like I'm being lazy this week? I am! We seem to have a lot of evening activities this week which makes it harder to cook but instead of going out every night I am making a plan to save money and eat leftovers at home or cook early. This is what happens during t-ball season!

Flexibility is the key to everything...

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