Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Free Milk At Giant

Now that's a deal you can't pass up :) One of my favorite money blogs is Moneywise Moms - she's the only blog around that lists deals at Safeway and Giant and whenever she says there's a good deal I have to head to the store. And boy was she right! There's a great deal going on at Giant until tomorrow.

Here's what I picked up:

I spent: $6.06
And saved: $25.30

Here's what I did:

None of the cereal is on sale - it's all full price but you geet $10.00 off automatically when you buy 6 boxes. Combine that with coupons and it is a great cereal deal.

For coupon links go HERE - you can print 2 copies of each coupon that you'd like - they will double at the store if they are under $1.00.

After you buy 6 boxes of cereal you will (should) get 2 Catalinas for $4.50 each - both Catalinas say for a free gallon of milk but $4.50 will be taken off your order no matter what you get. I picked up 3 gallons of milk for free - probably not the best idea - you should at least try 4 gallons of milk and pay for one or 2 gallons and some other food items. My total came to $9.08 so I had to have the cashier over ride everything. She was a bit rude even though I was just trying to ask her some questions - I wasn't trying to rip the store off! She ended up giving me the 3 gallons and taking the coupons rather than explain to me a better way to use the coupons. Just an FYI if you try it yourself.


  1. Sorry you had trouble with the coupons--did you use them just after the cereal, separating your transactions with the bar? The problem might have been that Catalina coupons need 24 hrs or so to 'clear'. I've used mine the next day and they just scan $4.50 off your order as long as there's milk in there, no matter the price of the milk.

    I'm going back today to get more regular Cheerios. The biggest boxes are $3.99, but you still end up getting paid to take the milk!

  2. I've had trouble with Catalinas at Giant no matter when I've used them - same day or another day. I've always had to have a cashier over ride it. They do or Customer Service gives me money but it's a pain. Didn't stop me from going back last night and doing it again :) I'm hanging on to my milk coupons till next week though!

    Thanks for the tips :)