Friday, January 7, 2011

Organization 2011: Week One

I'm finally getting serious about organizing my house. I know I say it often that it needs to be done but usually life gets so busy I put it to the wayside. But not this year. Using the blog kept me honest about my grocery spending - I plan to do the same with my organizing.

My goal is to concentrate on a room a month but this week I did a few small projects just to help me feel better and get started!

One was my bedroom - got it all cleaned up and with new bed sheets (soo luxurious) and a new bed set - it's a room I now look forward to going into. GREAT place to start a home makeover! Though this isn't my decorating for the month :) Look at those three cuties - I think they like it too.

My real accomplishment for the week: my tupperware cupboard. Darn thing has been a mess forever.



And after:

So much nicer :) Of course, my oldest is complaining that it's harder for her to put the clean tupperware away now because she can't just throw it in!

Time spent: less than 2 hours (hard to tell because I had a lot of interuptions)

Cost: Zero

Made: Zero

Unmatchables and just old stuff went in the trash - anything salvageable but unwanted went to donation.

I didn't really intend for this to go along with Organizing Junkie's 52-weeks of Organizing - I had made this goal before she posted it but hey, since it's there I'll play along :)

Next week: the dining room buffet/dining room even though the room I have to actually work on this month is the guest room in the basement but I'll leave that under my decorating goal instead of my organizing ones.

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