Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today Only Amazon Deal

There is an awesome deal going on at Living Social for today only. You can order a $20 gift card for just $10!! That's $10 of free money and who doesn't need free money??

In case you don't already know you can order just about anything from Amazon and whenver you spend $25 you get free shipping - so combine this gift card with a $5 free one you earned from Swagbucks and you're talking a lot of FREE.

You are on Swagbucks right?

If not, follow the link below and once you sign up be sure and set Swagbucks as your home page so you can earn Swagbucks every day when you search. Once you reach 450 Swagbucks you can "buy" a $5.00 Amazon gift card. Essentially this means you are earning just slightly more than a penny for every swagbuck you get. Most of the time when I search I earn 9, 10 or more Swagbucks so just for typing in "Gymboree" in the search line rather than my tool bar I'm winning "money".

Search & Win

If you love Swagbucks be sure and tell your friends. When you get referrals you earn every time they earn from searching. This means your Swagbucks can add up incredibly fast.

I think this year I may just start my Christmas shopping this month - see what I can get for free :) Of course, I have to get through Valentine's Day first...

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