Sunday, March 29, 2009

5th Sunday Saved By Triple Coupons!

I must admit that I was worried about this being a 5th Sunday. While I have been budgeting $125 a week on groceries I was trying to translate that to $500 a month. Without the 5th Sunday I was right on target - $502 for the month. Wow, not bad! But here it is the 5th Sunday and we need groceries so I have to go. This is where the budgeting thing breaks down for me a bit.

So, essentially Harris Teeter's Triple Coupon week saved my life! Literally :)

(Not pictured - 4 gallons of milk)

See that table of groceries? It cost me $69.12. Not too bad.

Even better when you know I saved $135.53!! I'm not kidding. Kirk keeps asking me if this is legal :) I assure you it is!

I will probably go back tomorrow and use more coupons. The daily limit is 20 and I certainly spent the limit. I have more I didn't use. Using triple coupons got me a number of items free and free is always in my budget!

The Grocery Game is going around - I was in line checking out and the girl in front of me was doing the same thing - got over $100 off her bill too! That's serious savings. A friend of mine recently signed up and her first week she got $155 off her bill. It works - worth every penny!

And I might add the most thorough list out there. While the coupon mom is free her list didn't even have a fraction of what I got from the Grocery Game. For HT I printed out maybe a page and a half from the Coupon Mom (how I knew about the Totino's Pizza rolls) - with the Grocery Game I printed off 9 pages of sale items today. Another thing I noticed is that the Coupon Mom listed just one coupon for each item. I found 5 other Totino's coupons when I was sorting through old coupons. When I printed out the Grocery Game list she had every single place I could find unexpired Totino's coupons which is VERY helpful.

I'm guessing the reason is because the Grocery Game re-lists coupons - she puts a plus sign next to them if they have been listed before which is so helpful because sometimes I find duplicates of the same coupon later or I didn't use it the last time she listed it. So useful.

Hope you all got some good deals this week! Please share when you do...


  1. cracks me up that kirk wants to know if it is legal!!! way to go.

  2. WOW!!!! Impressive...TRIPLE coupons??? oh...what heaven that would be. I am jealous. Great job!