Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Children's Consignment Sales

I've talked a lot about selling clothes on Ebay but have you thought about where to get them? Other then the store I mean? Thrift stores are a great option but who has enough time to scour them even weekly? I wish I did! But reality is that there's no way.

So, what's a girl to do?

Consignment sales! I mean look at all the great bargains that can be found:

These photos are from the consignment sale that I normally frequent. Three times a year this particular consignment sale is held at our fairgrounds. It's a HUGE sale - over 1200 consignors with over 40,000 items. Now that's a deal!

Couple things to know before you go (this list comes from personal experience as well as from Amy, a contributor at Financial Bliss):

1. Make a list before you go - have an idea of what you're looking for; what sizes your children are wearing and what clothes they actually need. List what toys/gadgets your kids have been wanting or that you might want for them - you never know what you may find or what you could miss if you aren't looking carefully.

2. Make a budget before you go - it is easier then you think to get sucked into buying something just because it's a "good bargain" - make sure you know before you buy if it is a good bargain and whether or not you need it.

3. If you see something you like, grab it - put it aside, put it in a pile, put it in a basket, don't think and walk away it may be gone when you come back! If you don't like it later then just put it back where you found it or better yet, find a worker and ask them to return it for you - they would be happy to do so and means that things won't get disorganized for them. Trust me, as a worker I'd rather put the item back myself then have the item end up in the wrong place and that not get sold because of it.

4. Bring a basket or a box or other kind of tote to store your items - there may be a place to set your items down and put them on hold but you're still going to want some place to put your stuff as you shop or your arms will get very heavy :) Amy suggests attaching a rope to your bin to make it easier to bring along with you.

5. Try, as best you can, not to bring kids with you when you shop - because a consignment sale has so many items you will need to pay attention and having kids with you is a huge distraction (even if you don't have 3 the same age!!)

6. Inspect the items before you buy - they should be checked but no one is perfect (as a checker I can assure you I'm not perfect and I've missed plenty). There's generally a no return policy so check before you buy but remember the clothes/toys are used (unless they have tags obviously).

7. Check for brand names - this is a great way to find items to sell on Ebay and possibly even make a profit but be sure to know your lines because older Gymboree is no different from newer Target - it won't re-sell on Ebay. I've made quite a bit of money buying something cheap at the sale and re-selling it on Ebay just by knowing in advance what will sell and what won't.

8. Know the rules of the sale - at my sale you are not allowed to have a stroller with a basket; you need to wait in one line to have the tags removed from your item and then you will be directed to the cashier - know where the line starts. Know when you can shop - when is the sale open to the public? To volunteers? To consignors? These are all important!

And the most important:

9. VOLUNTEER!! - this is a biggy for me - want to get the best bargains? Want to get the best selection? Then volunteer! A few hours of your time means you get the pick of the best of the best. If you can't volunteer at least consider consigning and shopping with other consignors. I will post about preparing your items for selling and how to price in another post.

But if you go to a sale - enjoy your bargains and the feeling you get from paying way less then brand new!!

A few sites that Amy shared to find a consignment sale near you - this is a great way to find a sale near you. Don't have one? Consider starting one - seriously. What a great way for mom to bring in some extra cash!!

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Kids Consignment Guide

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  1. Great advice. I've sold a few sets of my daughter's clothes on eBay.