Sunday, March 22, 2009

Harris Teeter vs. Super Target

I will preface this post by saying we do not have a Super Wal-Mart anywhere near me (literally - no where) so it is impossible for me to shop there. However, when I'm in Florida with my parents I do shop at Wal-Mart and do find some good deals.

That being said I do have a Super Target nearby and have been asked how shopping with the Grocery Game at Harris Teeter compares to shopping at Super Target.

This week I had the chance to compare. I tried I really did - I swear!

To be fair I did have to get Bibsters at Target and toothbrushes because they are cheaper at full price items then HT. And yes, I do agree that Target's generic items are cheaper at Target then HT but I honestly don't want to buy generic if I can get brand-name for the same price or less! Just my personal opinion.

The verdict...

Target -

I spent $48.95 and saved about $7. Eeek!! Fortunately that's not the end of it. Because I bought 5 Quaker products I got a $5 gift card to Target. Ultimately my Quaker purchases were quite cheap - in fact my rice cake snacks were free. I did turn around and use my $5 to buy 6 toothbrushes for $2.72 (I had 3 buy one get one free coupons).

I came home with maybe 4 bags full of groceries including cat food and Bibsters which was about $10 of my purchase and a few other things like cereal and wheat thins. Meat is expensive at Target! Wow! I did buy 2 pounds because there was a $3 off coupon on the meat otherwise it would have stayed at Target.

Harris Teeter -

(Not pictured - 4 gallons of milk, 12 pack Pepsi, 2 1/2 dozen eggs)

Spent - $62.91
Saved - $71.47

My big savings was Lysol wipes - they were buy one get one free (normally $3.19 ea) and I had $1.00 off each so I got 2 for $1.19 or $0.60 each - wow!

HT was also running a special that if you bought 3 boxes of Kellogg's cereal or 3 Danimals yogurt then you got $2.00 off your milk. I was buying milk anyway but wasn't planning on buying yogurt or cereal but since Danimals drinkable yogurt was on sale for 3/$6.00 I figured it was worth it since it took $2.00 off my order it was more like getting 3/$4.00 - not bad!

So, in my opinion it makes more sense to shop your local grocery store that doubles coupons (Target does not - ouch!) and use those coupons when the good stuff is on sale. I definitely think this is the best way to save money and the Grocery Game is the best way to do it all for you so you don't have to do the work.

If you're wondering I did get my Target sale information from The Coupon Mom.

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