Monday, March 30, 2009

I Went Back (Twice...)

The 2nd time was more an accident. I dropped some coupons and didn't realize I didn't have them until I went to buy what I knew I had coupons for. Aagh! Second trip - even the cashier recognized me - darn :) But who can pass up triple coupons? I mean I got so much groceries I should be able to spend less in April - I'm pretty stocked up!

First trip:

Spent: $32.30 ($9.99 on paper towels)
Saved: $30.88 (only $1.00 off the paper towels)

Second trip:

Spent: $12.53
Saved: $18.62

So for all 3 trips I spent: $113.95 (under budget but not quite $100)
And I saved: $185.03
Total would've been: $298.98 - cut my groceries by 62% - I certainly wish there was triple coupons every week :)

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