Sunday, March 8, 2009

God Bless Harris Teeter

I seriously hope that you have a grocery store you like. I mean not just for the deals but for the customer service. That the people who work there actually give a darn that you're there.

Well, Harris Teeter is like that for me. If I need something they jump to do it. I have had them run get me milk because I forgot it. Well, today they went above and beyond what a grocery store would do. This isn't the blog for my kid's stories - I have another one for that :) But this one I just had to share.

Kirk was out tonight at a men's Bible study so it was me with the kids. I have tagging to do tonight (after I finish blogging) so I figured I could cut my coupons and shop at HT with the kids. Yep, all 5. Things were going as well as could be expected with 3 two-year olds who can't ride in a cart for more then ten minutes and who can consume the free cookie in way less time then that.

But all that I can handle. They hang on the cart, they push and pull the cart, they touch things on the shelves but basically they stay with me. Then Julianna poops. Again, not the end of the world but of course she's telling me about it which means it can't be good. When I check her I find out she has leaked everywhere and I have left the diaper bag in the car.

I head to customer service but no one is there so I ask the cashier who I see all the time and have to come to know as well as you can know your friendly cashier :) I just ask if she can watch the cart while I run to the car with the kids to get the diaper bag. Instead she offers to watch the kids (if I didn't "know" her then I wouldn't but we talk every week) so I run to the van and give Kaitlyn strict orders not to leave where she is. I got the bag, ran back and left 4 kids with the cashier while I ran to the bathroom while I cleaned up a HUGE mess. Fortunately I had help there too - another shopper had some extra wipes and offered to help. I guess friendly people shop at HT :) But they all sure made my day!!

Guess what?

Even after all that I still managed to get my groceries for just $48.23 with a savings of just over $67!! So, I was hoping for $40 but I had to buy kitty litter and that alone was $6.99 so I guess I can't complain too much.

Here's what I got:

So I guess it means even among the greatest chaos by following the Grocery Game and planning in advance you can still save money! I didn't buy anything extra - just stuck to what I had and checked my coupons with the sales on the aisles.

My best deals this week:

Steamfresh Veggies were buy 2 get 3 free and I had a $1 off 3 coupon so instead of paying $2.69 a bag I paid $.98 each! And now I have broccoli for every meal for quite a while :) You already know we like broccoli.

Dannon Drinkable yogurt normally $2.69 for 6 was on sale for $1.99 and I had a coupon for $1.00 off - I had 3 coupons so I got 18 drinkable yogurts for $3 - the kids are thrilled.

They were, however, out of 2 other items I had hoped to buy but since they give rainchecks it's not a big deal.

Mac N Cheese crackers were on sale for 5/$5.00 and I have a $1.00 off 2 coupon which makes each box $0.50 which is down from $3.49 a box - not sure if they're good or not but for $0.50 I'm willing to give it a try.

Actual mac n cheese is also on sale - buy 2 get 3 free but they were sold out of that too.

But even with that it will cost me just $5 to finish out my weekly grocery shopping. I did also shop at Giant and spent $35 but since I will be volunteering all week at my consignment sale we'll be eating simple stuff like spaghetti, homemade mac n cheese and chicken nuggets - it's one way to cut down on our grocery bill this month!

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